How To Print Planner Inserts

How To Print Planner Inserts

In this post I will share with you how to print planner inserts so you can design your planner to fit your needs.

Although its possible do this on your tablet or mobile device, I recommend that you use the FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader program on your computer for the following steps.

Download and Extract The Files

Once your order is complete, you’ll be able to access your downloads from the order confirmation page in addition to an email that will be sent to you. 

Download and then extract the files.

Choose The Files To Print

Again, I recommend you use the FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader program your computer for the best experience.

When you download the files, you’ll notice that you have access to printables for 6 different planner sizes, including US Letter and A4 sizes. Select the planner size you want to use and open those files.

When you first open an insert that is not a US Letter or A4 size, you’ll notice that it appears to be for a full size paper. This is because it will offer you the most flexibility to print on whichever paper size you have access to. Here in the United States, we typically use Letter size paper, but other countries use A4 size paper, or in some circumstances people have access to precut paper like this A5 paper (affiliate link) or this Half Letter paper (affiliate link) or even this paper that will fit the Happy Planner (affiliate link).

You can easily double check the paper size. This is how to do it in the Adobe Reader program.

Go to the “File” menu and click on “Properties…”

The page size is the same size for The Happy Planner Classic insert as you see in the image above. You can do this for any of the printables.

How To Print Planner Inserts

In this tutorial, I am using Adobe Acrobat Reader with an HP Officejet printer on a PC, so you’re print dialog box may look a little different than mine, especially if you’re on a Mac, tablet, mobile device or another PDF reader app. You should still have access to most of the options I mention below. If you’re on a mobile device, tablet, or viewing the PDFs from your browser and its not working well, I’d like to encourage you to use the Adobe Reader program on your computer.

Your print dialog box probably won’t look the same as mine, but it should have almost all of the same options. 

First, I like to select the type of paper I am using and select the option for the best print output. This is an important step if you buy high quality paper, like my favorite that can be found here (affiliate link). To access those options, click on the properties button at the top.

From there, you should select the paper that best describes what you have on hand. I use this HP Printer paper (affiliate link), so I select HP Bright White Paper.

Next, I want to make sure that my print quality is set to “Best” to ensure that I have as close to a professional planner insert as possible.

Since I am printing an insert that is smaller than US Letter size paper, I can disregard the borderless option. However, if you are printing A4 or Letter size inserts, this is a good option to make sure that the design of the margins prints all the way to the edge of the page. Again, just disregard that option unless you’re printing an A4 or Letter size insert.

Next, I have the option to choose whether I want my printer to automatically flip over the paper and print on the opposite side of the page. If your printer doesn’t allow duplex printing, you will not see this option. In this case I do, so I’ll select “Flip on Long Edge.” “Flip on Long Edge” means that you’ll be turning the page as if it were a book, as opposed to “Flip on Short Edge” which means you’ll be flipping the page from bottom to top as you would with paper on a clipboard.

 This is by far the most important part of the tutorial:

In the Page Sizing & Handling sections, be sure to select “Actual Size” or whichever synonym for that that you see. If you don’t see anything like that, just be sure that the scale is at 100%, nothing more, nothing less. 

If you click on an option like “Fit,” your printer will not print the insert at the correct planner size, but rather the full size of the paper. Now print!

And that’s it, please feel free to reach out to me if you are having trouble and I’ll do my best to help ya out. 

How to print planner inserts

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