FREE Printable To Do List, Two Column Checklist

Free Printable To Do List by Make All The Stuff

What’s Included with the Free Printable To Do List

All planners need a free printable to do list to keep you on track. This one is a great option because there are 2 columns and include a decorated inside margin for the rings of your planner or binder.

Sizes Included with the Checklist Printable

  • The Happy Planner Classic
  • The Happy Planner Mini
  • A5
  • Half Letter (Junior Size, Half Size)
  • Letter
  • A4

How To Download

To download, simply add the item to your cart and go to the checkout. No credit card needed as long as its a free item! You will be required to create an account, but this is for your convenience. Creating an account will give you the ability to manage all of your free printables.

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Notes and Lists Bundle

If you’re in need of more planner printables, this free checklist printable is also included in the Notes and List Bundle.

Please be sure to leave a comment below and let me know what you think! I have many more printables in the works, so be sure to subscribe to the newsletter and be the first to know when they drop.

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